What is C.U.R.V.E.?

Well, aside from being a cool acronym, it’s probably the most important thing we can provide a small business when they are approaching the promotional item market. We call it swag, because, doesn’t that sound fancier?

The swag world is full of cruddy plastic things with poorly executed promotional printing and to be honest, no one really gets excited about that stuff anymore. Except for maybe the company selling the stuff to the guy that thinks it’s going to make a difference to his business. We aren’t those people and we don’t want you to be the guy left watching your branded items tossed in the landfill.

Cheap swag dilutes your brand.

When a prospect or customer takes a branded item that is offered, they should want to keep it. The items should provide something. That is where C.U.R.V.E. comes in.

Provide swag C.U.R.V.E. by following these simple tips.


Be sure the keep it classy. Put thought into your branded promotional items. Put a bit of money into them as well. Classy is in. Trashy is out.


When providing promotional items, make them useful. If you don’t know what is on trend in that department, we can help. Be mindful in where you display your brand and your customers will thank you.


Relevance matters. The R in the acronym is probably the most important. This one is pretty obvious but can get lost in the cool world of swag. Be relevant in your product choices. Socks in winter, earbuds in a tech trending climate, pens are always cool (but be sure to check the trends in manufacturing and materials). Seems, easy, but there are tricky ways that this one gets missed. Check your market, know your customer base and ask us about trending products.


Bring value with your products! If your swag doesn’t bring some sort of value to a person’s life, it’s going to get trashed. Sorry, but that’s the life of promotional items. Don’t be a contributor to the world’s refuse problems, solve the world’s swag problems. Yeah, that’s right, solve problems with your swag.


Last but not least, energy. Humans are intuitive creatures, we can sense a fraud and a dud when we see one. Provide swag with energy. Be excited about what you’re branding. Own it and so will your customers.

There you have it, the breakdown of our fun little swagronym.

C. U. R. V. E.